Projects undertaken in 2010/11

  • ACKHI - Training of event organisers on how to prepare action plans using Excel;
  • Arts and Business - Media management including press release;
  • CRW Report – analysed current and recommended new income streams for Cowley Road carnival;
  • ACKHI - Media management including press release;
  • CDN - Media management including press release;
  • MEMO Dance - Organised dance featuring music from across the continent, project managed and press release.



Some links featuring our reports

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European Development Cooperation 2010

Event Management


We can provide a total project management package or individual services within the package.

Individual services within the total package include:

  • Action Plan – we will prepare an action plan that incorporates all elements of the event, maximizing the benefits of synergy.
  • Risk Assessment – we will prepare a risk assessment to ensure a safe event that complies with all health and safety requirement.
  • Site Management – we will manage the site to ensure a safe and fun event.
  • Mobilising participants – we will ensure performing artists representing a wide selection of music and dance forms and maximum participation of stallholders from MEMO’s extensive database and use of marketing and media management techniques to generate participation.
  • Marketing & Media Management – we will market the event through all channels, including print, broadcast and the internet using press releases, advertorials, adverts and interviews.
  • DJ Services - we will play music from Africa and the Diaspora, including sounds from all corners of the continent, soul, R&B, Reggae, Salsa, Meringue and some more.
  • Conference - we will develop the concept and organise and publicize your conference to maximise participation and media coverage.
  • Conference Reporting - we will write a report on conference proceedings for your company and the media.

If you are interested in the total package or any of the individual services, please click here here and we will contact you.